Travelling On A Tight Budget & How Bitcoin Is Saved My Funds

Since I left LA a year and a half ago there’s always some major roadblock that gets in my way every time I try to plan a trip back there. It’s only 3 hours away from Tijuana but it feels like 30 every time I try to plan a return. My last trip to LA was just for two days back in January which I blogged about here. This week we’re going to cover 3 things that are currently impacting my upcoming 3 day trip.
1.Online Banking Fraud
2. Not going crazy
3. Making the switch to Bitcoin
Yesterday the worst thing that could have happened. Murphy’s Law gets me every time. Actually, Murphy and I are pretty much best friend at this point in life since we hang out so much. an online banking service I have used for about a year (with several headaches) decided to withhold the money I had saved for my trip to LA this week. All of my spending money I have been saving for this trip for the past 3 weeks is now being held against my will online where that I cannot access it. Why? Because is a total fraud. I had around 400.00 set aside for my 3 day trip to LA this week. I live within my means and that 400 is more than enough for me to enjoy everything I want to for 3 days away from home in LA. I transferred those funds via Wire transfer in late June to my bank account so I could have access to the funds and they would have more than enough time to reach my bank account from my E-wallet. Well, that did not happen.
Here are the exchanges I’ve had with so called “support team” online over the past week. Trying to find out where my money is that I transferred and when it will arrive into my bank account. This is all after paying a $50 Wire transfer fee in late June to ensure my funds would arrive swiftly. We’re now almost half way into July and I expected my funds since July.1st based on previous transaction times.
Yet I got an E-mail from on June.30th stating that my Wire had been not only processed but completed and sent to my bank account. Which would have landed me at my projected timeline of July.1-3rd to receive my funds.
Yet here I am today waiting on funds that I honestly do not know if I will ever see again based on the fact that this E-wallet company has totally defrauded it’s clients. I’ve had a few other mishaps with them in only 1 year of using this service which is why today I’m officially done with
Having a look at their twitter page you can see that many other users of this service are without funds and without any re-assurance as to whether they will get their funds and when. This is among a myriad of other issues they have tweeted about over the past month with no current updates on what progress is being made.. if any. Including having a customer service number that goes straight to voicemail and no messages get answered. Having to wait days to get a reply via E-mail from their ill informed support staff. Also, issuing physical debit cards that take up to 6 months if not more to receive to have direct access to your funds in your wallet.
Admittedly, I went off on Paxum a bit yesterday on Twitter. Honestly, I’m pissed that companies like this think it’s viable to give clients excuses instead of giving clients answers about what has happened with their hard earned dollars that are missing. Whether it’s $50 or $5000 it’s your money no matter what service you use to store it. People far too often let these companies get away with murder and I’m not one of them. I’ve already reported them to the Better Business Bureau (which I suggest you do now if your using Paxum) and I’m blogging to let others know what company not to use. You as a client of any bank or online wallet payment service are entitled to having access to your funds 24/7. If there is a malfunction or delay then timelines must be established and communicated ASAP. You cannot leave people waiting for weeks (or months) at a time to get their money. Period.
Yesterday due to all this I wasn’t able to write the blog on the normal Monday publish date. I was riddled with anxiety over this trip (Which is supposed to be my first vacation in 2 years). Yet again the damn ball had dropped on LA right before I even got to town. I considered cancelling my trip. I hate that feeling when your strapped for cash and traveling. That’s why I haven’t been back to LA in months because I wanted to feel safe and secure that I can do what I want without being held back by finances. With 400 I would have been flying high. I’m great with just a little bit of money but now I have 200. 200 that luckily I was smart enough to save after bills, rent etc.. last week.
Then I had a light-bulb moment after most of yesterday was spent focusing on how I could still make this trip happen on half of my projected budget in one days time. The Metal Mouth Style Blog is all about getting the look for less and telling my life story through personal style… Why can’t it also be about getting the lifestyle for less? This is a whole new opportunity for me to show others who may be going through something similar and traveling to LA how you can have a kickass vacation for less. Far far less than most would spend on a 3 day trip going out everyday. That is how I’m not going crazy right now. A new drive and focus and a way to make this trip fun again!
I’ve also made the switch to Uphold a company that already has Paxum beat with their 24/7 customer service lines and swift processing of payments. I set up my account with them yesterday and already feel 10x more secure having the funds I earn online go through their service to get to me. I made a small withdrawal of $50 this morning (Which only costs $3.99 per withdrawl) and it’s going to be in my bank within 3 business days. Their a buy/sell cryptocurrency service and you can also transfer funds you receive online directly to your physical bank accounts.
If I can get this Cheetah print dress I’m wearing today in Tijuana for free at a street shop because the zipper needed to be restitched.. I can definitely make LA my bitch and do everything I want for next to nothing this week. When you put your best foot forward and have a great attitude towards life anything is fucking possible.
So for everyone strapped for cash and riddled with anxiety over it. Use this moment as your opportunity to try something new, make a few mental adjustments and move forward in a positive way.
Style Breakdown:
Cheetah Print Dress TJ Street Shop – Free
Fishnet Stockings – $2
Guess Lace Up Boots Creations of Lily – $5
Shades Plaza Coronado – $5
Total Look Cost: $18
About Me: My name is Tiffini Truth and I’m a Fashion Model and Style Blogger

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