To Maine With Love From Tijuana

I often like style to be inspired by places and sub cultures within those places. Some places I have never even been too (yet) but always wanted to visit. Today’s look is inspired by all things Maine. Semi Nautical meets cool ocean air. If I was in Maine in winter this would be one of my go to looks. Since it’s been bitterly cold here in the desert I can pull it off here too this season.

As I’m currently in the beautiful shit hole known as Tijuana, Baja California. What reminds me of Nautical style is the little Lighthouse we have here by the beaches where I live. Of course the lighthouse here is totally obstructed by border walls which ruins the structural aesthetic however adds as constant reminder of the tensions between Mexico and the USA.
Never the less the Lighthouse was the main (no pun intended…okay Pun intended!) inspiration and reminder of how much I still need to get to Maine one day. Eat authentic Lobster rolls and rent a place on the water for a weekend so I can really feel part of  the Oceania lifestyle. Here is the stark contrast between where I am now and a place I would like to go and visit next.
I love being inspired by places because it gives you more motivation to get out and see more of the world. Travel has always vastly inspired me. I’ve not been all over the world (yet) but now I’ve been all over North American, The Caribbean, and discovering what South America has to offer as of late.
My entire look (except for my faux leather high rise pants & half gloves) today was all sourced locally in Tijuana. A combination of flea market finds and vintage boutiques all within walking distance from my apartment. These leather cut out flats where the real steal coming in at only $4.
Style Breakdown
Striped Sweater J Crew – $4
Faux Leather Pants Agaci  – $10
White Purse – $15
Half Gloves Ali Express – $2
Military Cap – $2
Woven Scarf – $3
Cut Out Leather Shoes – $4
Total Look Cost: $40

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