Styling a 1970s Pornstar Inspired Style

Finally! I got to pull out my 70s porn star vest. I’ve been looking forward to styling this piece since I found it vintage shopping at the end of last Summer.
My look this week is heavily inspired by the character Candy in the series The Deuce. She is played by Maggie Gyllenhaal. This is my favorite character in the show that takes a highly realistic perspective of the sex industry in the 70s set in a very grimy NYC. Pimps, Ho’s and everything in between. I highly recommend this series it’s smart and is one of the first shows to really highlight sex workers as humans with stories and excellent character development.

Candy even at her lowest points always put her best face on and foot forward. After getting assaulted by a John in a hotel room. Her face bashed to black blue and red she was back out on the street with full face of make up to cover the bruising. I think everyone can related to that feeling of physically going through trauma and somehow finding a way to get up and keep going. This is why her character resonates with me so very deeply. I also love her arc as she starts to make a little bit more money going from Prostitute to Porn star to Adult Film Director. You really see her style evolve in these small transitions of titles and responsibility. From hot shorts, Curly Sue wigs and cropped slightly tattered fur coats. To jumpsuits, pant suits, button up shirts, denim, fedoras and of course. More fur.

The stylist for The Deuce is Anna Terrazas. She’s done a ton of other notable film work as well. All around this was a stand up job done on this series across the entire casts wardrobe.

My take was a bit more conservative. Trading in the hot pants for a cotton mini skirt, going for a cowboy style ankle boot instead of platforms and a topping off the look with snake print hoop earrings and an Austrian crystal cocktail ring. Of course if you have followed my previous blogs you will know how much I my dollar deal cheap sunglasses.

This entire look was all sourced in Tijuana. My fur vest made in Hong Kong found at a local antique boutique. My black bodysuit and skirt where from street shops. The faux suede boots where also a street shop find in my neighbors driveway. She sold them to me for $2 and they where new.

Style Breakdown
Fur Vest – $15
Black Bodysuit – $4
Cotton Mini Skirt – $2
Cowboy Style Ankle Boot – $2
Snake Print Earrings – $2
Austrian Crystal Cocktail Ring – $6
Ombre Sunglasses – $1
Total Look Cost: $32

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