Bustiers, Cashmere & Cold Nips

Hello loyal readers! Winter is definitely in no way on its way out anytime soon. This marks the coldest winter I have ever experienced since moving to the West Coast a little over 5 years ago. I’m Canadian, I’ve seen the worst of the worst. The reason I’m not in Canada anymore has a lot to do with the weather. Between living in LA and now Baja California I am very excited that this will be my final winter in this hemisphere. The only good time to live in the California’s is during a drought. Which is terrible for the environment but the bright-side to that is better weather.

Everything about today’s look is vintage, re-used, lightly worn/like new sustainable clothing. I sourced this entire look ( minus hat, shades and half gloves) from Creations of Lily. I do a lot of shopping at Creations of Lily Boutique here in Tijuana. It’s a tiny vintage shop attached to an Orphanage which all the proceeds go towards supporting. If you’re in the Tijuana area and looking to donate your lightly used/like new/new items you’re not using you can also drop them off at Creation of Lily. They accept everything from clothing to furniture. Knowing your donations/money is going to directly impacting the local community is a really groovy feeling. 
I have 4 layers on as well as a tailored wool jacket. A wool jacket is a staple in anyone’s winter wardrobe. Find one that is nicely structured and falls right below your knees. This will elongate your figure. Which is great when you wear a lot of flats or are of a shorter height. If your on the taller side as I am it will keep everything looking long and lean despite being covered up. This length will also keep you warm by covering your entire back. 
Another point that I made last winter is how to appropriately wear your fetish gear in the day. I love a dash of BDSM or Fetish culture thrown into my day looks. Just because you may not have someone in your life to show off your more risqué pieces too behind closed doors doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy it for yourself. Romancing one’s self is just as erotic as being romanced by another. Wear your sexy for you before you wear it for her/him. Which is why I incorporated by bondage bustier over my cashmere sweater. Cashmere is yet another winter wardrobe staple for your closet.

By choosing a bustier you can keep your nipples covered in much sexier way over top of a sweater. It shows off the lines of your body and adds more dimension to a blank monochromatic canvas. 

I implore you to stop following trends. Start expressing your insides on your outsides and start being more selective at the places you choose to shop. We can’t always shop sustainable items but we can more often than not by making the time to do so. There’s nothing wrong with buying used/vintage clothing and it gives our clothes a much longer life cycle than one wear wonders. 

Style Breakdown:
Hat Aliexpress: $3
Half gloves Aliexpress: $3
*All Other Items Found @ Creations Of Lily
Cashmere Sweater by Halogen (Retail $129): $3
Wool Jacket Banana Republic (Retail $200): 5
Handmade No Name Wool Skirt: $3
Leather Shoes: $4
Bag by Nine West (Retail $100): $4
Total Look Cost: $25

Show me your best bustier layering moment by using #metalmouthstyle on Instagram. I will share my favorite looks you submit on future blog posts and shout you out.
 About Me: My name is Tiffini Truth and I’m a Metal Artist living in Tijuana. I also love writing about Life & Style.

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